How To Upgrade Your Airsoft Gun

Airsoft guns are quickly becoming a craze among people today. These guns are replicas of real firearms, and they are very realistic. But unlike real guns, airsoft guns shoot small plastic pellets called BBs. Of course, in prolonging the lifespan of airsoft guns in the Airsoft shop, one must regularly clean and maintain them. Also, one will need to buy airsoft upgrades not only to maintain his or her gun but also to improve its performance.

Airsoft guns upgrades will definitely boost its firing power, range, and accuracy. However, you should be careful in choosing your airsoft upgrades because when you upgrade one part and combine it with stock parts that may cause further damage to your gun. Below is a list of the best airsoft upgrades you can get and the effect it will have on your gun:

* Battery: You need a battery with higher voltage and MAH if you want to pull a strong spring. A battery will probably also improve your ROF (Rate Of Fire). However, a battery that is too powerful may not be compatible with your Airsoft gear setup, so be careful in choosing one.

* Motor: A high torque motor will allow you to pull a stronger spring, and a high-speed motor will increase your ROF.

* Gears: Can make your gun more durable, improve your rate of fire, and allow you to pull a stronger spring.

* Cylinder: Improves air seal.

* Airsoft Piston: You can get pistons that are all polycarbonate for gearboxes that are not upgrading a lot, or you can get pistons with a various number of metal teeth if you don’t have a highly upgrade gearbox.

* Cylinder and Piston heads: Silences your gun and improves air seal.

* Airsoft Springs: Generally, a stronger spring will increase your velocity, and a weaker spring will increase your ROF.

* Barrel: A tight bore barrel will improve your AEG’s accuracy.

*Hop-Up: Puts backspin on the BB, which leads to better range and accuracy.