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Sportswear is simply a term that is used for any type of clothing that an athlete can wear to compete in their specific sport. There are many types of sportswear that you can choose from and many companies will sell these, even to individuals who may want to live a more active lifestyle rather than become an athlete.

Sportswear can include everything from shirts to tracksuits, shorts, trousers, polo shirts and more. It is not uncommon to find sportswear worn as casual fashion clothing as well because of its comfort and the stylish look that comes with it.

In all types of sports, you will find that the participants will wear a combination of clothing items. Sometimes all of them will be sportswear or sometimes it may be a combination of different types of clothing.

There is a lot of variation when it comes to the type of sportswear that an athlete can wear. For example, a basketball player will wear something like basketball shorts and a jersey, while a baseball player may wear polos or something else. Each sport has its own unique type of sportswear to help them be comfortable and finish the job they need to do.

For individuals who choose to wear sportswear and not do athletic events, it is likely they will choose yoga wear. This includes the yoga pants and a workout shirt and can provide some comfort and style, even when you are sitting around the home. This is also the type of sportswear that most people associate with this term, though this term is broader than that.

Sportswear can come in many styles and forms. Anything that an athlete would wear to compete in their specific sport would fit under sportswear, and there are so many great options out there to choose from.