Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom renovation: what should you look out for?
The bathroom has long been purely a practical space. The design was often in last place here (baderomsinnredning) . But this has gradually changed in recent years. We want to be able to relax more, we want to feel comfortable there. What a bathroom should look like is very personal. Don’t like the bathroom design anymore? Then that is a good reason for a bathroom renovation. It is also possible that the bathroom is just old and needs to be replaced.

There is a lot involved with a bathroom renovation. It is often a big project and there are many things to look out for.

Are you looking for personal advice? Then make an appointment with our bathroom experts without obligation. We give you advice and ensure that your new bathroom meets all your needs. For example, we make a design in 3D, so that you immediately have an idea of ​​the possibilities.

Step 1: Gain inspiration
When you renovate the bathroom, it is important to tackle this well. The first step in bathroom renovation is, therefore, the collection of ideas. Be inspired by the many examples that can be found on the internet (dusjkabinett) . Find out in this way which designs you like, what the bathroom must meet and what atmosphere the bathroom should have.

Step 2: Preparing for the bathroom renovation
After you have gained enough inspiration, it is time to start the preparations. There is a lot involved with a bathroom renovation. Think of personal wishes that you have now, but don’t forget to look to the future. Will the family be expanded later? And will the bathroom also be practical when you get older?

Make a handy checklist for yourself, in which you write down everything you would like to have in the bathroom. What exactly are your wishes? But also check the technical issues: do you want a socket in the bathroom? Do pipes have to be laid? Make sure you get a complete picture of your new bathroom in this step.

Step 3: Create the design
Now that you know what the new bathroom has to meet, it’s time to make a design. With the design, you give every element in the bathroom a place and you determine the design for the room.

Step 4: Realization of the design
The next step in bathroom renovation is to realize your design. It’s time to get started and make your dream bathroom come true. The installers are scheduled and can get started (toalett) . Pipework may be relocated, the tiles laid and the plumbing installed. Wait a while, the bathroom is almost ready for use!

Tip: If you yourself are handy, you can save costs by tackling some parts of the bathroom renovation yourself. Are you in doubt? Then always have a specialist come to you so that you are sure that you will not have any problems later.

Step 5: Enjoy your dream bathroom!
The last step is, fortunately, the easiest step and the best: enjoying your new dream bathroom! The bathroom renovation went entirely according to plan and all elements that you would like to have the bathroom have been placed successfully. That beautiful shower cabin, the comfortable bathtub, and that luxurious double sink are ready for use. So time to relax and unwind!