St.Marteen or St. Martin?

If you love the Caribbean it is a sure bet that you can picture yourself basking on one of the sandy beaches, sipping your favorite cool beverage under a rich cabana in the sun of beautiful and breathtaking St Maarten. January through April is the dry season and August through December is the rainy time of year, with temperatures rarely getting up above 93 degrees, falls below 68 degrees.


Did you think that St. Maarten was spelled St. Martin? Guess again and determine that you are neither right nor wrong, because this island is split in half and governed by two separate regimes. The St. Martin portion of the island is larger and governed by the French government. The St. Maarten portion of the island is smaller and governed by the Dutch government. Both sections have much to offer the traveler.

St. Maarten never has had such a laid-back atmosphere where the tranquility of the island and the quiet surrounding bath a stress body in nature’s full richness. Love the live culture of St Maarten waiting to entice you into its homelike atmosphere. This Dutch side of the St. Martin Island enjoys a festive nightlife, pristine beaches, rum drinks (native to the island) and casinos.

Enjoy shopping on St. Maarten where vendors offer duty-free goods in numerous stores. Browse through local crafts, splendid arts, exotic foods, jewelry, tobacco, liquor, and many fine leather items. Designer items are plentiful and popular with visitor trade. These designer goods sell for considerably less than anywhere else does, and visitors enjoy nearly a 50 percent markdown from United States retail prices.

Shopping on St Maarten and Saint Martin offers duty-free goods in numerous boutiques. Popular goods include local crafts & arts, exotic foods, jewelry, liquor, tobacco, leather goods, as well as most designer goods. Most oftentimes, the designer goods are offered at significant discounts, often up to 50% lower than US retail prices. Generally, most stores on both sides of St. Martin accept the United States dollar.


St. Maarten is anything you desire it to be, from hard partying to slow and easy quiet days spent in solitude. St. Maarten offers a variety of luxury hotels and dining that is sure to astound you. St Maarten a vacation destination that caters to any type of budget. Car Rental St Maarten allows you to travel the whole island on a budget. Relish your time in pure luxury or visit this island paradise on a budget, you will find the same enjoyment. In summation, we can tell you how to save money if this is a concern.

Amenities include on the Island of St Maarten

• A Dual-governed island
• Lively cultures
• Delicious eating
• Exciting beach parties
• Duty-free shopping
• Pristine white beaches
• Fun and stress free environment
Our tips to you for a most pleasurable trip
• Never tip any extra unless your service was class A
• Never get caught up in making expensive telephone calls, it is free to text
• Bus Transportation is cheap and take you on a no hassle slower pace, enjoy the views

When you come to St. Maarten, come with a large appetite for play, food and adventure no matter if you are visiting St Martin or St. Maarten.
Many times, it is the free things in life that are the most gratifying. When on St. Maarten there are many beaches to enjoy lazing in the sun or enjoy water sports. The following are popular free attractions,

• Cupecoy Beach, St. Maarten
• Mullet Bay Beach, St. Maarten
• Maho Bay, St. Maarten
• Dawn Beach, St. Maarten
• Casino Royale, St. Maarten