Bathroom renovation: tips & prices

A bathroom renovation still requires a lot and it is always more work than you think. With good preparation, you can save yourself a lot of time so that the job can run smoothly and you do not have to sit without a shower or bath for too long.


Make a floor plan
Every successful renovation starts with a good plan. So start with a sheet of paper and draw the bathroom on a scale of 1 to 50. A wall of 5 meters in length (500 cm) on paper, therefore, becomes 10 cm. If you find this a bit too small, keep a scale of 1/25.

Once you have drawn the outline of the bathroom, you can continue with the individual parts of the bathroom (bath, furniture, washbasin, etc.). Draw it on a sheet of colored paper.

Cut out all the elements and give them a name. You can now place them in the floor plan. By working in this way you can easily vary with different formats and you can continue to puzzle and scroll until you have the desired result.

Some standard sizes:

Single washbasin: 80 to 90 cm wide, 60 cm deep
Double washbasin: 130 cm wide, 60 cm deep
Column cabinet: 40-60 cm wide, at least 34 cm deep
Toilet: 90 cm wide, 130 cm deep (including space at the front for your legs)
Walk-in shower: 120-200 cm wide, 90-110 deep
Bath: 170 × 70 (small bath) or 190 × 90 (large bath)

Buy as much as possible in advance
Once you have started the bathroom renovation, you can temporarily not use your bathroom. To make the renovation as smooth as possible, it is handy that you have all the necessary materials in stock as much as possible.

This does not only apply to your installation materials and tools, but also to the tiles, furniture, the bath, and the taps. Furniture (and sometimes also tiles) often has a delivery time of a few weeks and it is, of course, difficult if you have to wait for this during the renovation.

Check the pipes and drains
Once the bathroom has broken out you can thoroughly inspect the pipes, supply faucets and drain pipes. Are the taps still running properly or are you seeing signs of leaks? Then now is the time to replace them.

Also, check the drain pipes for limescale and other forms of contamination. You can still access it now. Take some photos if necessary so that you can later see where all the pipes, connections and taps are.

Cost of bathroom renovation
The cost of renovating the bathroom mainly depends on your choice of materials and the type of furniture that you prefer. In addition, it depends on whether you are going to renovate yourself or whether you leave certain things to an installer.

Keep in mind that many installers require that you also purchase the plumbing that you want to have installed through them. Incidentally, that is only an advantage because then, if problems arise, you can always rely on a guarantee. After all, the installer guarantees the quality of the materials and, for example, can never claim that the problem is caused by inferior material in the event of a leak.

Common renovation prices:

Ceramic tiles: count for good quality ceramic tiles at a price of € 40 to € 60 per square meter. If you have them installed, you must take into account an additional cost of € 35 to € 45 per square meter.
Bathroom furniture: the price of bathroom furniture usually fluctuates somewhere between 700 and 2000 euros. If you have such a piece of furniture installed, you pay 15 – 20% of the purchase price.
Renovating bath/shower/ toilet: it is difficult to give a price indication for this. Depending on the materials used, you will soon pay € 2500 for a simple bathroom to € 7500 for a more luxurious version.

The total cost of bathroom renovation
If you want a complete renovation of the bathroom, count on a budget of at least € 10,000 for a simple standard bathroom. If you want some extras and a little more luxury, you should think more in the direction of 20,000 to 25,000 euros. Mind you, this is an all-in price, so everything is done neatly for you. If you are going to renovate yourself, you can be ready for a simple bathroom renovation before 5000 to 7000.